Investor Relations


Obtaining investment capital requires both
detail and innovation 
to be successful

Our process is very simple.  We involve the following steps to ensure you acquire the investment capital you desire.

Research & Discovery

The first step to any project is quality research and discovery on the industry, future trends and the specific product or service your company specializes in.

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Competitive Intelligence

We like to do our own homework in this area.  We often find useful information that helps us position you correctly to potential investors.  Understanding the playing field is cruical.

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Organization of Facts

The largest mistake we see companies make is starting with how great their product or service is.  You MUST see things as an investor does.  Before you tell how great you are, take the time to explain why this industry is great at this time.  Build to a climax!

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The final element is putting the quality look and feel on all of this information in a way that is visually enticing, to potential investors.   Too many graphics can distract, not enough can create a disconnect.  Build emotional connection.  This is something we are experts in!

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A Few of our pitch decks

Creating a quality pitch deck involves several elements as described above.  Below are 3 of our favorites!  We did each of the 4 steps above, all design and ideation. *We have removed all proprietary financial data. 

Real Estate Pitch Deck

Agri-tech Pitch Deck

VR Pitch Deck

Our investor network is extensive! When the digital assets are all in place, we will make appropriate connections for investment.

The pitch deck is just the beginning

Your investment captial raise should include each of the following.  As a digital agency, we will help build the strategy for each of these that are a huge success in finding the right investors at the right time!  Your potential investors will check all of your digital assets listed below.  Having them at optimal capacity is crucial.

Landing Page

Your capital raise must have a digital landing page (website) which we believe should should be 1-3 pages long.  It needs to convey trust, reputability and expertise.


Social Media

There are many social platforms, and which ones you leverage depends on the product or service.  This is a primary place to display that you have an audience already interested!


Public Relations

Nearly all public relations today is digital.  That means online articles, blogs, and even interviews all posted online for anyone to view 24/7.  This is extremely important in building trust in your company.



Most funding campaigns fail for a lack of good strategy.  Understanding which aspects of your business to highlight and your messaging are both very important.  These are our strongest points.

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