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Chris Hamby is the CEO and Founder of The Nexus Agency, with over 25 years of coaching and strategic advisory experience assisting such billion dollar companies as Disney, Knight-Ridder, Pizza Hut and   

He has also worked with  hundreds of technology company executives and entrepeneurs globally. His core competency is in creating and developing go-to-market strategies. He has functioned as an advisor to executives and boards globally by quickly and accurately discerning the probability and likelihood of marketplace success. There are many great products with no clear or realistic path to market – the #1 cause for marketplace failure. This is where Chris’ expertise lies – in discerning not only the probability of success but also in creating and implementing a go-to-market strategy that works!


Strategy is Key to Successful Business

In an age of endless coaching services, it is getting more difficult to know who to choose. In his famous writing, The Art of War, Sun Zu wrote “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
There is a lot of noise in the marketplace today; a lot of empty promises and disapointment. I see it all the time, and I cannot count the number of times I have been called after business leaders and owners have spent enormous amounts of money with no results. The strategic tactics make all the difference in the world.
What I find most often, is that companies have not kept their vision current with the market conditions and evolving technology. It was McArthur who said that going into war without a strategy was foolish, but sticking to that strategy in the middle of war was even more foolish! You have to adjust the strategy as you engage in the marketplace. The strategy is a fluid plan. That is what my team and I will bring to the table. There is a delicate balance needed here, and that is our specialty.
-Chris Hamby CEO/Founder

What Do Our Clients Say?

We have a list of a few of the clients you have probably heard of on our home page.  But here, you can see what a few of them have to say.  

Jeff Bearman

Founder & CEO – Ocean Sports

Like most companies dealing with the current economic situation we had to make some tough decisions as to how we would spend our marketing dollars. We decided to put a significant percentage of those financial resources into Chris Hamby. It has been one of the best decisions. We have had sales gains where our competitors have had none. I would recommend Chris to any business.

Leonora Prince

CEO Prince Properties

I have worked with Chris on multiple projects in the past. He not only has a great work ethic but even greater integrity.
I highly recommend Chris

Thor Ryan

CRO State of Alaksa

Chris is an amazing human being, gifted with vision that never loses sight of reality.His ability to both see the vision and do the work to get there makes him a potent ally in accomplishing any project. I do, without hesitation, recommend Chris Hamby for any business endeavor.

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