Social Media and Search

We are a 
full service social media agency that understands how to leverage social!

Our services include following.  If you desire more, please contact us because we probably are alerady doing this for a client.  



It’s a big word for us – STRATEGY!  Without a clear and measurable plan, social media will not be productive to your bottom line.  We take the time to understand your business model and create a customized plan to help you acheive your goals!

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Content Creation

We will create a social media calendar, and post content for you.  This includes creative teams, writing and posting.  We even manage comments for you if you’d like.  Our goal is to manage it for you so you can focus on other things!

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Increase Followers

There are many methods for increasing followers on social media.  We only use those that create quality followers that are in your target market.  Beware of many social growth strategies that populate from other continents in demographics that are not your base.  Our growth is REAL growth.

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Influencer Marketing

We have significant connections into quality influencer marketers that can grow your business significantly and at very afforable rates.  We specialize in both micro influencers and large ones with great reach.  

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The Secret of Search

When we had our start in the internet back in the 90’s, search engines were everything.  But a lot has changed since then.  It’s not a common approach, but we have learned that you cannot seperate social from search.  Here are  a few reasons why:


The largest problem facing search today is verifying legitimacy.  Social media offers a great way to do this.


Let’s face it, we all use a unique combination of Google (or other), and social media when we are needing a product or service.  You need to be in both places!


The power of social media is one that gives warm referrals, and in sales lingo, that is a golden opportunity.


As proof, remember that keywords used to be everything.  But now, hashtags are everything.  Using a holistic and combined strategy is what you need!

Some Basic Principles

Search and Social are very complex creatures.  However, we want to simplify as much possible.  Here are some crucial things you need to understand.


There are complex mechanics that run how search and social work.  And they don’t release much of how they work.  Experience is invaluable in this area as we will share our stories in upcoming blog posts.


There are many terms used to measure results, but many  of these are not tied to measurable goals like more sales or leads.  Knowing how to measure REAL engagement is crucial.  This is something we take seriously.

10 Touch Points

The average consumer has an average 10 touch points with a product or service before they buy.  Where do these come from?  Most come from social and search marketing.  They are both an essential part of the sales process!

Keywords or #

As we’ve already mentioned keywords AND hashtags are important.  Knowing which ones perform best and bring QUALIFIED leads or sales is crucial.  We spend the time to ensure proper strategy.